During the summer and fall of 2019, Masterrind conducted a field trial where the purpose was to test SpermVital®-semen in comparison with ordinary semen.

The trial gave strong indications that early insemination with SpermVital®-semen has a positive effect on the Non Return Rate.

Below are the results from the trial.

The field trial was conducted independently by Masterrind, with doses originally produced for sale. The trial included 5 farms. All farms used Heatime systems as a basis for heat detection. In total 440 cows and heifers were inseminated, divided into four groups. Based on the Heatime system, about 50% of the cows and heifers were inseminated 12 hours prior the optimal time, either with SpermVital®-semen or with regular semen doses from the same bulls. The semen was not produced as split sample doses. The other half of the cows were inseminated at the optimal time, either with SpermVital®-semen or with regular semen. Heat detection was performed by ultra sound.

The figure show:

  • SpermVital semen gave a 8,3% higher NRR than ordinary semen, when inseminated early.
  • SpermVital semen, inseminated early gave a higher NRR than both SpermVital semen and ordinary semen inseminated at the ordinary time.

None of the differences were statistically significant, due to the relatively small numbers in each group. However, the result indicates that the early insemination with SpermVital®-semen is beneficial, as variations in ovulation time, relative to heat symptoms, is covered by the prolonged life span of the SpermVital®-semen.